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Custom Built Cattle Guards/ Ramp

Custom Built Cattle Guard/ Ramp

Custom Built Cattle Guard W/Rail Road Style Gate Closure

A&G Welding custom builds Cattle Guards/ Ramps to customers specifications or we can design and build a guard/guards for specialized use. Our above ground cattle guards are unlike any other Cattle Guards/ Ramps in the industry. Above ground cattle guards are easy to install and just as easy to remove when used for temporary access into pastures, hunting leases, construction sites, oil field, gas pipeline easements, ATV/RTV Trails and more.

For Use as a Ramp:

Custom Guards/Ramps can be ordered without side wings allowing them to be placed over ditches, creeks, cables, irrigation pipes, erosion ravens and more. Ramps can be ordered to any width or length that suits the customers needs. For customers with lower sitting vehicles we also have guards/ramps with hinged ramps which allows the center section of the guard/ramp able to be 6' to 8' across with fold out ramps that are up to 6' wide which allows lower hung 2 wheel drive trucks to cross without high centering. Fold up outer ramps also allow the guards/ramps to be easily carried from one site to another without having to dismantle the entire ramp.

Heavy Duty Construction:

Heavy Duty Construction and trussed design    

All our above ground Cattle Guards are designed and constructed to carry more weight load than what the Cattle Guard/ Ramp is designed for. This means that when you purchase an A&G Cattle Guard/Ramp your getting the highest quality best engineered Guard/Ramp in the industry.

Tractor carrying above ground cattle guard

Built in Hoops: All Ramps come standard with built in hoops for carrying and placing the Guard/ Ramp with a front end loader.

JD Tractor crossing cattle guard  Rail Road Style Gate in the open position

Trussed Design

All of our above Ground Cattle Guards/ Ramps feature a trussed design that disperses the load weight across the guard and to the corner support feet.

Cattle Guard two tone paint scheme  Cattle Guard shown with added truss



Cattle Guard W/ Lockable Drop Arm Gate  Cattle Guard Gate open position

Rail Road Style Closure Gate:  Gates are ideal for any entry point that needs the security of a closed or locked gate to prevent unwanted vehicular traffic. Gates are designed to be pad locked in the closed position as well as the open position allowing control by key or combination.  Gates allow ATV, RTV & ORV trails to be closed during times of danger or when traffic needs to be kept to a minimum.

Paint We offer several different colors including Safety Orange as shown on the guard above, Safety Yellow, JD Green, Black & Gray.

Pricing:  If you would like a price quote for a custom Guard/Ramp please email or call us. We can be reached by email at the following email address sales@ag-weldingtx.com or give us a call at (830) 372-1906

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